Camino De Santiago

The past year has been full of important milestones for me: graduation; my J1 in New York; moving to Spain for a year. Last week I completed another life-changing milestone: walking the Camino De Santiago. I finished teaching on the 31st of May and on the 3rd of June I was on a plane heading … More Camino De Santiago

My St. Patrick’s Experience in Benidorm

So far in Spain, I’ve been having a very authentically “Spanish” experience. I’ve visited classic Spanish cities, dined on typical local dishes, admired UNESCO architecture and have been listening to Enrique Iglesias. And while I thoroughly recommend this, sometimes it’s best to stick to your own roots. Especially on St. Patrick’s Day. My experience so … More My St. Patrick’s Experience in Benidorm


Two weeks ago, my cousins from London came to visit me in Madrid. In my family, there is a running joke that whatever country I’m in for a period of time, my relatives use it as an excuse for a holiday. When I was in Paris, my family came to visit. When I was studying … More Madrid

Local living

It wasn’t until I was taking part in an icebreaker for my teaching training that I realised something about myself: I have lived in five different countries. I have studied or worked in Ireland, the UK, France, the USA and now Spain. That’s 4 more counties than the average person. My identity has been shaped … More Local living


Teaching isn’t the only thing that brought me to Spain. I also came here to travel, and to soak up as much sunshine and Spanish culture and sangría and tapas as possible. Over the next year, I plan to make the most of weekend breaks and visit cities like Valencia, Madrid, and Seville. Last weekend, … More Granada

Teaching in Spain

It is now my fourth week of teaching in Spain. I am an English auxiliaire in a secondary school in Murcia, Spain. The school is great and I feel really welcomed here, by students and teachers alike! Spanish culture is very different to Irish culture and working in a Spanish secondary school is a whole … More Teaching in Spain


For my last week in the United States, I decided to experience the polar opposite of New York: California. New Yorkers tend to have mixed opinions about California – particularly Los Angeles. The general opinion seems to be that you either like New York or you like Los Angeles: each city is home to very … More California

Charleston, y’all

Two weeks ago, I took a break from the metropolis and flew down south to the beautiful Charleston, South Carolina to visit my friend, Katelyn. I lived with Katelyn in my final year in Dublin and we bonded over many things including writing, wine and food. In May, she came to Donegal to visit my … More Charleston, y’all

Independence Day

Last week, the United States celebrated Independence Day. A day in which a divided country unites to party, eat BBQ food, and celebrate freedom. I was lucky enough to experience the holiday in two different cities – Philadelphia and New York. On July 3rd I went on a daytrip to Philadelphia with my two roommates. … More Independence Day

Initial Impressions

“So, how’s New York so far?” is the question I’ve been asked a lot lately, whether I’m speaking to New Yorkers or to people from back home. Social media only shows one side to this multi-faceted city, and as my sporadic Snapchat and Instagram posts don’t quite capture the full picture, this should fill in … More Initial Impressions

What Lies Ahead

Ah, the dreaded question. We all know which one it is. A question so heavy that our closest companions will avoid asking it, simply because they’re burdened by it too. Strangers and acquaintances on the other hand, relish asking it so that they can define your character by your response. “So, what’s the plan for … More What Lies Ahead


Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Orla Howells, I am 21 years old and as of this week I have finished my undergraduate degree at Trinity College Dublin. With this in mind, as I embark on “adulthood”, it seems like a fitting time to put this blog together. As a very indecisive … More Welcome